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Why Ditto is the Best Clipboard Manager for Windows

Keyboard shortcuts ctrl+C and ctrl+V makes our life easy, but if you want to be more effective and efficient, use Ditto clipboard manager. Ditto is a free program that manages your clipboard. Clipboard is where the text we copied or cut is temporarily stored.

Normally when we have no any clipboard manager installed, we just press ctrl+C then ctrl+V to copy and paste the text we want. When you press ctrl+V, the text that will show is the latest text you copied. But with a clipboard manager, you can now copy everything first, then paste it all later! You do not have to switch from multiple windows or tabs just to copy-paste back and forth. Ditto not only copies text but also images, customized formats and HTML, but for this tutorial we will only show you the basics. Watch video below to know how.

Steps to Use Ditto

1. Install Ditto. After installing, you can see the Ditto icon on your Windows taskbar.

2. Right-click Ditto icon, select Options.

3. Go to “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab. You can see the shortcut keys to activate Ditto, by default it is set to ctrl+` (key just above Tab). You can change shortcut keys later on if you find the default keys not comfortable with you. Click “OK” if you made some changes.

3. Highlight the text you want to copy then press ctrl+C on your keyboard. Choose as many text as you can so you can see later on.

4. Go to the area you want the text to be pasted. So instead of pressing ctrl+V, we will press ctrl+`.

5. A pop-up window will appear displaying all the text you have copied awhile ago. Choose the text you want to paste.




Five Best Clipboard Managers [via lifehacker.com]

Download Link

Download Ditto Clipboard Manager [via download.cnet.com]

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