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VLC Tutorial: How to Speed Up Video Playback in VLC Media Player

increase video playback speed

This VLC tutorial will show you how to speed up video playback in VLC Media Player. Video playback speed is the rate of your video that you’re currently playing or viewing. Sometimes when we watch videos, normal video playback become too slow for us. Increasing it will make the video go faster, thus saving you a lot of time. You can focus more on the most important part of the video. You can easily increase, decrease, or change it back to normal speed whenever you want to.

Make sure you have VLC Media Player already installed on your PC. To download VLC, see bottom of this post and click the link.



Steps to Speed Up Video Playback

1. Open your video in VLC Media Player.

2. In your Menu bar, click View then select “Status Bar”. This action will allow viewer to see current video status details such as video title, video elapsed and remaining playtime, and video playback speed. Details are displayed at the bottom of VLC window.

VLC Status Bar


3. Normal speed is “1.00x”, and as you increase it will show a higher value than 1.00. To speed up or increase video playback, click current playback speed. Click and drag the pointer to the right until you reach your desired speed.

vlc tutorial speed up video playback



Ask Lifehacker: Speeding up video playback [via lifehacker.com]

Download Link

Download VLC Media PLayer Latest Version [via videolan.org]

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