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How to Use LastPass Password Manager So You Will Not Forget All Your Online Password

LastPass is a password manager that is easy and free to use.  As of today, one person has many accounts in social networks, online shopping and emails. So it is natural to forget some of your password and username. I am sure we’ve all experienced this situation before, and good thing that LastPass is here to save us all the trouble remembering our password and username to every website we have an account.

You can download and use it with your Windows, Mac, Linux, and even mobile phone. It is also applicable in all internet browsers. Just make sure that you have installed LastPass to the computer you are using so you can access your username and password anytime anywhere!

Be cautious in storing passwords and username because this is still a third-party program. So think twice if you want to store your online banking username and password or other personal important accounts.



Steps to Use LastPass

1. Download and install LastPass. After installation you can see LastPass’s plug-in icon on your internet browser.

2. You will be asked for your email and master password. Remember master password because it can be used for resets or other additional security purposes.

3. After you logged in, you will see your “vault” where in all the websites that you have opted to store with LastPass will be displayed. You can edit the settings for each account you stores in LastPass. Sometimes, you have to change the name to make it easy for you to identify.

4. To save your username and password to LastPass, go to the website and log in. A pop-up windows will appear, click “Save Site“. Again, you can edit these settings depending on your preference. After you finished modifying the settings, click “Save”.



Review: LastPass takes your passwords to the cloud [via macworld.com]

Download Link

Download LastPass [via lastpass.com]

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