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How to Use IMDb Movie Review to Save Your Time and Money from Bad Movies

There are a lot movies out there that have good advertising but very poor content. Or some even have an all-star cast but the story is just plain bland. We watch movies and willing to spend our resources because we want to be entertained. We don’t want to find ourselves after the 1.5-hour or 2-hour movie not very satisfied and our money was just put to waste because the movie was not worth it. With the help of reading IMDb movie reviews we can now spare ourselves from watching bad movies that is not worth our time and money.

IMDb or Internet Movie Database is one of the most popular movie review online destination. It has a wide array of information about films, television programs, and video games. From actors to directors to production staff. I find the most useful feature of IMDb are the movie ratings and user reviews. IMDb is also available on Apple & Android, so you can utilize the app anywhere.



Steps to Use IMDb Movie Review

1. Go to IMDb.com.

2. Type the movie title you want to search, and as you type it will show you a list of result that matches your keywords. Click the movie.

3. Check the rating of the movie. The rating is the number inside the star. So if the rating is greater than 7.0 that should be a movie worth watching. 10 is the highest rating. The ratings by the way are rated by the users, so you can also the number of users that gave this movie a rating.

4. If you are not sure about the rating of the movie, you can compare the IMDb’s Top 250 movies to the movie you want to know more about. Scroll down at the bottom of the page, and click “Top 250”. Here you can see the top 250 movies and you will see that the top rank is in 9+ so we can say if the movie is greater than 7.0 we can say that it’s a good movie. Low ratings like 5 or 6, we might need to think hard if we really want to watch that movie.

5. If you have time, you can also read IMDb movie review. Click the number beside “Review” (it is just below the rating) to read what user has to say about the movie.


Download Link

Download IMDb on Your Mobile [via imdb.com/apps]

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