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How to Set Static IP Address in Windows 7

Do you know how to set static IP address in your Windows 7 computer? For the unenlightened among us, there arises the questions of “What is that?” and “Do I have to?”

A static IP (Internet Protocol) address will result in a stable connection for it allows the Internet network to determine your location easily. The IP address acts as your virtual address on the Internet. Having a static or “fixed” IP address allows you to stay online even when your servers DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) goes down. Also, changing IP addresses may result in some lost data or some delays. Many servers do not provide a static IP address since they only limit themselves to a dynamic one. However, there is a method to obtain that without changing servers.  This tutorial will show you how to set static IP address when using Windows 7. Windows 7 is currently the OS of choice, and a set static IP address is easy to apply in that platform.



Guide to Set Static IP address

1. Let’s take it from the top. Click on the Windows icon on the left hand corner of your taskbar. On the “search programs and files”, type “cmd” (abbreviation for command). A solitary result will appear. Click on it.

2. At the prompt, type “ipconfig/all”. Press Enter on your keyboard.

3. Cmd will display all the relevant properties for configuration. Scroll down and look for Network Connection details. Take note of the following information as they comprise the next steps:

a. The IPv4 address

b. Subnet mask

c. Default Gateway

IP configuration properties

4. This time, you need to click the Windows icon again. When the “Start” menu emerges, choose “Control Panel”. Select “Network and Sharing Center”.

5. Click “Wireless Network Connection”, then select “Properties”.


6. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), then select Properties. Click on the option “Use the following IP address”, then the screen will look like this:


These spaces need to be filled out. Gather the information obtained from step #3. For the Preferred DNS (Domain Name Server) box, use the public DNS from Google (8-8-8-8) and the Alternate DNS (8-8-4-4).

7. Fill out the data required on the corresponding boxes and click OK.

set static Ip address

8. Clicking OK will close the box. Close the other boxes and you have successfully set static IP address in Windows 7.



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