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Use “Everything” to Search Files and Folders Quickly

search files using everything

Sometimes we forgot the location where we save a specific file or folder. When the time comes we need that file we have to search that file from hundreds of folders. Using a free Windows search utility program called “Everything“, it will only take seconds to search files and folders. It can save us a lot of time and energy searching files or folders.

Make sure that you download and install “Everything”.



Steps to Search Files and Folders Using “Everything”

1. Download Everything, and install on your computer.

2. Right click Everything icon located in the taskbar. Select “Show Search Windows”.

3. Type the file you want to search on the box. Let’s say we want to search for “mp4”, just type “mp4” on the search box, then press enter on your keyboard.

4. Everything will show you list of possible matches to your search, including folders that contain mp4 to its name. You can then select which file you are looking for.

5. To narrow down your search, you can add a dot before mp4, so it will only show files with a “.mp4” extension. You can also include some words that contain in the file name, like “.jpg ebay”. It means that you are looking for a file that contains ebay in the file name with a “.jpg” extension.




Portable Everything Makes File Searching Instant On Your PC [via makeuseof.com]

Download Link

Download Everything [via voidtools.com]

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