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Tech 101: How to Quickly Lookup Your Public IP Address

We will show you the quickest way to know your public IP address. IP (Internet Protocol) address acts like your house address on the internet. There are two types of IP address, first is Dynamic IP address, and the second one is Static IP address. Dynamic IP address keeps on changing every time your router reconnect to the internet while Static IP is a fixed IP assigned to you by your ISP.

Public IP address is the address on the internet, while an internal IP address is the address on our network router at home.



Steps to Find Public IP Address Lookup

1. Open your Internet browser, then go to Google.com.

2. Type “ip” in the search box, press Enter.

3. You will see your public address immediately. Pretty fast right?

4. Sometimes, you need to know if your ISP gives you a dynamic IP or a static IP. Restart your router, so you need to remember the IP address you got awhile ago.  Repeat steps #1 until #3.

5. If your public address is the same from the previous one, it only means that you have a static IP address. Otherwise, if it changes from the previous, you have a dynamic IP address.

If you want to know how to change your IP address, click here. For those who want to set their Static IP address, click here.

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