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How to Get Paid iPad / iPhone Apps Download for Free Using AppGratis

iphone apps download

How to get paid iPad or iPhone apps download for free? The answer to that question before is: Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. But nowadays, there are free apps that you can use to search for paid apps that you can download for free. No more jailbreaking your iPhone!

But don’t get your hopes up too high because most of these are just free within 24 hours, for trial use only, or for promotional. Among apps that offer free downloads is AppGratis. It allows a maximum of 2 free apps per day, one for iPhone and one for iPad. Don’t worry if it only limits 2 free apps because it shows different apps daily. Make sure that when you download apps, try to check the ratings (or that area you see with stars) and reviews of people who used that app before. Number of stars in ratings is proportional to app performance. After you were able to experience it, you should also give your own review so you can guide new people who plans to download that app.



Steps to Install and Use AppGratis

1. If you haven’t installed AppGratis, go to App Store, then search for “appgratis”.

2. Select Install app, then wait to finish installing process.

3. Open AppGratis.

open appgratis

4. Since AppGratis only allows 2 free apps daily, you can immediately see the 2 free apps for that day. One is for iPhone, and the other is for iPad. You can see the app description and the app’s original price.

2 free apps for the day

You can also notice there are apps with “Deal Over”. It only means that free download already expires.

appgrantis deal over app

5. For our example, we will download File Manager Pro app. Select Download Free.

iphone apps download

6. Select App Store, then Open.


7. Now you have a paid iPhone apps download for free without jailbreaking your iPhone! Try it on your iPad too!

iphone apps download



Get Paid Apps for Free without Jailbreaking Your iPhone, iPod and iPad [via frappular.com]

Download Link

AppGratis download link [appgratis.com]

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