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How to Access US-Only Websites with Media Hint

Media Hint lets you access US-Only websites so you can watch US TV shows or listen to US Radio shows in Hulu, Netflix and Pandora wherever you are on the planet. You cannot view any TV shows in Hulu, Netflix and Pandora if you are outside the US territories and some other selected countries.

Media Hint extension or plug-in is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers for free. Video below shows how to use Media Hint on Chrome and is tested on Hulu website to watch a TV show outside US.



Steps to Access US-Only Websites with Media Hint

1. Install Media Hint extension to your browser.

2. Go to a website (Hulu, Netflix or Pandora) that is for US territories only.

3. You can now watch any TV shows that you like for free anywhere.




Awesome: This service lets you use Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, and Rdio from any country [via thenextweb.com]

Download Link

Install Media Hint [via mediahint.com]


LastPass is a password manager that is easy and free to use.  As of today, one person has many accounts in social networks, online shopping and emails. So it is natural to forget some of your password and username. I am sure we’ve all experienced this situation before, and good thing that LastPass is here to save us all the trouble remembering our password and username to every website we have an account.

You can download and use it with your Windows, Mac, Linux, and even mobile phone. It is also applicable in all internet browsers. Just make sure that you have installed LastPass to the computer you are using so you can access your username and password anytime anywhere!

Be cautious in storing passwords and username because this is still a third-party program. So think twice if you want to store your online banking username and password or other personal important accounts.



Steps to Use LastPass

1. Download and install LastPass. After installation you can see LastPass’s plug-in icon on your internet browser.

2. You will be asked for your email and master password. Remember master password because it can be used for resets or other additional security purposes. [continue reading…]


Keyboard shortcuts ctrl+C and ctrl+V makes our life easy, but if you want to be more effective and efficient, use Ditto clipboard manager. Ditto is a free program that manages your clipboard. Clipboard is where the text we copied or cut is temporarily stored.

Normally when we have no any clipboard manager installed, we just press ctrl+C then ctrl+V to copy and paste the text we want. When you press ctrl+V, the text that will show is the latest text you copied. But with a clipboard manager, you can now copy everything first, then paste it all later! You do not have to switch from multiple windows or tabs just to copy-paste back and forth. Ditto not only copies text but also images, customized formats and HTML, but for this tutorial we will only show you the basics. Watch video below to know how.

Steps to Use Ditto

1. Install Ditto. After installing, you can see the Ditto icon on your Windows taskbar.

2. Right-click Ditto icon, select Options. [continue reading…]






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