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-How to Open RAR Files

This tutorial will help you how to open RAR files. RAR file is simply a file extension of a one or many files in a compressed form. If you have downloaded a RAR file or files from the internet or from any form of media, you have to
extract its content for you to use the file/s.

There are several applications that can open RAR file, for our tutorial, we will use 7-Zip. So make sure before proceeding to below steps, you must have installed 7-Zip first. Scroll down at the end of this post to click on the download link of 7-Zip.

Steps to Open RAR Files

1. Identify the location of your RAR file. For our example, it’s in Local Disc (C:) and we want to open “Temp.rar” file.

rar file location

2.  Right click the RAR file, then go to 7-Zip.

rar file right click options

3. Click “Open archive”.

7-zip options

4. A new window will open, showing the file or files that were compressed. Our example, shows 4 files that were compressed.

compressed files inside a rar file

5. Select the files that you want to see or to use, for our example, we want to see all 4 files, so just select all files.

selection of files to open

6. Click Extract.

how to open a rar file by clicking extract icon

7. A new window will open to confirm where you want to copy the file/s you want to extract. Just make sure you remember your file’s location.

extracted file location

8. For our example, we still want to place the extracted files to its original location, so just click OK.

9. As you can see from our original location of the RAR file, the extracted files were already added.

extracted files

10. Now you already know how to open RAR files!



Know more about RAR file [via about.com]

Download Link

Download 7-Zip [via 7-zip.org]

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