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How to Get Paid iPad / iPhone Apps Download for Free Using AppsFire

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We already featured before about how to get paid iPad or iPhone apps download for free using AppGratis. This time, we will use another app called AppsFire.

AppsFire is a free app that is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android OS. Unlike AppGratis, there is no limit on the number of free apps you can download daily. You can also see the ratings, feedback of users, and screenshots of the app you want to download. AppsFire provides a wish-list category so you can receive notice when there’s a price drop in your list. You can customize your category list depending on your interest, so you can see immediately those apps. Make sure that when you download apps, try to check the ratings (or that area you see with stars) and reviews of people who used that app before. Number of stars in ratings is proportional to app performance. After you experienced using it, you should also give your own review so you can guide new people who plan to download that app. Screenshots shown here are from iPhone, so AppsFire display may vary if you’re using an Android device.



How to Use AppsFire

1. Download AppsFire in App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Open AppsFire. You can see apps according to its category, like “Best of: Now Free” and “Best Deals Today”. AppsFire provides a scoring for each app, scores higher than 80 means it is really useful. You can also see the app’s previous price before it became free.

iphone apps download

3. For our example, we want to download “Photo Guard”, just tap the app to see its complete information. You can see app detail such as size, what device is it for (iPhone, iPad, iPod, or both), and other things that you might want to read first before downloading. Click “Free” to start downloading the app.

photo guard app

Note that some apps can only be downloaded for its allocated device. For this example, this app is for an iPhone or iPod only, and if you try to download it from an iPad, it will return an error message. This is a sample message only.

this app for ipad only warning

4. After clicking “Free” button, it will take you directly to App Store. Select again “Free” button, then “Install App”. Input your Apple ID password, then you can use your free app immediately.

install app

5. Another feature of AppsFire is you can customize your category list, so you can focus more on the apps you want to see. Go at the bottom of the page until you see “Add more apps” . Click that to display all the category list.

add more apps

6. For our example, we want to move “Deals: Productivity” at the top. Tap and drag until it reaches the top.


7. Now you can see the updated category list. Everytime you are in AppsFire, “Deals: Productivity” category will always on the top of your list. Easier for you to browse or search the apps you are interested in.




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