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How to Type Faster in iPhone by Using a Swiping Predictive Keyboard

Use Path Input to type faster in your iPhone. Path Input is a swiping predictive keyboard third-party app. It can be use in iPhone, iPod, and iPad for free. Some people are more comfortable in using the normal way of inputting text in their iPhone, it really depends on each person’s preference to where they can type faster. It’s free anyway, so might as well give it a shot to have an alternative way how to type faster in iPhone.



Steps to Use Path Input

1. Download and install Path Input. Open app.

2. Tap plus “+” icon on the upper right of the screen.

3. Go to each word by swiping. Do not lift your finger until you are finished with the word you want to input. Everytime you will lift your finger from the screen, it will automatically put space after the word.

4. Select the arrow “↓”, then tap the copy icon so you can copy the text to any application you want.




Get A Gesture-Based, Predictive Keyboard On Your iPad With Path Input [via addictivetips.com/]

Download Link

Download Path Input [via www.appannie.com]

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