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How to Send Birthday Wishes on Facebook Without Logging In

Sometimes we forgot to send birthday wishes to our Facebook friends. Thankfully, there is a mobile app to remind us without logging in to Facebook website. It is called EasilyDo.

EasilyDo is a smart assistant application allows you to link your email and social media account, and one of it’s feature is to send birthday greetings or wishes on Facebook. And it is just not the normal “Happy Birthday!” greeting, because you can personalize your wishes so it will not look like a robot-automatic greeting. You can even set the date and time when can EasilyDo send your birthday greeting so it will look like you have just send it on the person’s actual birth date.

Video shown below shows how to send birthday greetings in iPhone, but you can also use EasilyDo in your Android devices. Unfortunately we tried to download it in Samsung Galaxy S2 but it is not compatible and cannot download it. Hopefully, EasilyDo can make it available to all versions of Android devices.



Steps to Send Facebook Birthday Wishes

1. Download and Install Easily Do iPhone app.

2. Open Easily Do and click the user icon in the upper leftmost area in your EasilyDo home page.

3. Select Facebook icon to link your account, then follow the given instructions. So every time you open EasilyDo, you are automatically connected to your Facebook account.

4. Go to your Settings by clicking the gear icon in upper rightmost area in your EasilyDo home page.

5. Select Birthday under Facebook.

6. Make sure that Status is ON, so when a friend has an upcoming birthday, you can see it in your home page and you can schedule to send a birthday greeting.

7. To send Facebook birthday wishes, in your EasilyDo homepage, you can see your friend’s upcoming birthday. Select a friend, then  type your birthday greetings and wishes on the box below “To <friend’s name>”. Please make it more personal so your friend will not feel it was coming from a robot!

8. You can specify which date and time you want to send your greeting. This is very useful because some of our friends are on other country so they have different time zone. You can make the time fit to their time zone.

9. If you’re done composing your message, click “Do It” button at the bottom.



EasilyDo (for iPhone) [via pcmag.com]

Download Link

Download EasilyDo on your iPhone or Android mobile [via easilydo.com]

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