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How to Change YouTube Channel Name (2013)

youtube username and channel name difference

This tutorial will show you how to change YouTube channel name. Channel name is different from username nor your YouTube URL. When you create a new YouTube account, by default, your user name and channel name are the same because it automatically adopts the same username from its respective Google account. So at the end of this tutorial, you will see that your username and your channel name are different. You can always change your channel name whenever you want to, unlike when you want to change your username, YouTube only allows this once.

This is for 2013 version, since YouTube is constantly updating their features and settings. You must also have a Google account before you even create YouTube account.



How to Disconnect Your Channel to Google+

Before we proceed on how to change YouTube channel name, let us disconnect our Google+ account from our YouTube channel.  Disconnecting your YouTube channel with Google+ has its own pros and cons depending on your purpose why you decided to set up a YouTube account.

One of the advantages in disconnecting is privacy. If you do not wish to broadcast your full name or your Google+ profile image to the YouTube world and wants your Google+ account to remain as your personal network site, then you should really disconnect this link.

1. You can see we have “Kelvin King” as our username. Click arrowhead beside your username and profile image. Select “YouTube settings”.

youtube settings menu

2. Click “Disconnect channel from Google+”.

disconnect channel from google+3. If you have done this a million times, it will take you to the page where you will confirm that your channel will be renamed. Check the box if you agree, then click “Rename channel”.


It will take you to the Overview page of your YouTube Settings confirming that you have successfully disconnected from your Google+. It will display the last Channel name you have previously set. Don’t forget to click “save” button. If you are not happy with the channel name and want to change it, scroll down below until you find How to Change YouTube Channel Name.


However, if this your first time to disconnect, or you have just created a new Google or YouTube account. It will take you to “Create a username for this channel” page. You can proceed to below steps for How to Change YouTube Username.


How to Change YouTube Username

You can only do this once, that is why you have to be 101% sure in changing your username. This will be displayed in your YouTube URL also.

1. If you came from the last step of How to Disconnect Your Channel to Google+, it will directly take you to this page. You can see “Kelvin King” as username.


2. Type in your new username, for this example, we will set “vHowTest”. Tick the box then click “Create Username” button. Note that you cannot include special characters in the username.


3. You can see that you have successfully changed your username, and that your channel name is the same as your username. Please proceed to the next part on How to Change YouTube Channel Name.



How to Change YouTube Channel Name

1. Sign in to your Google account in YouTube.com.

2. You can see that for this example, we have “vHowTest” as our username. Click arrowhead beside your username and profile image.

youtube settings menu

 3. Select “My Channel”.

youtube settings menu

4. You can see in this example that our channel name is “vHowTest”. It is the same as our username. So how are we going to change channel name? Click “Channel Settings”, then select “Info and Settings”.

Youtube My Channel

5. Channel name is located on the Title box. Change it to whatever you want to name your channel, it can be the product name you are selling or your dog’s name.

how to change youtube channel name

6. For our example, we will change it from “vHowTest” to “vHow Test Channel”. Do not forget to click “Done Editing” once you are done changing your new channel name.

new youtube channel name

7. Now you can see that your channel name and username are different!

youtube username and channel name difference




How to Change your Youtube Channel name from Google Plus [via jacobcurtis.co]

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