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How to Search Anything in a Website by Using Advanced Google Site Search Trick

google site search

Did you know that you can search easily anything in a website without using the website’s built in search feature? What we do normally if we want to find something in a particular website, we just type in the keyword in the website’s search box or just go to google.com then search away. Video below will show you a simple trick how you can quickly search a blog topic or even a file within a website using Google’s site search. You can also  use this trick if the website has no search feature (like vHow).

By the way, in the video I used Chrome as my internet browser but you can do site search to any browser.



Steps to Use Google Site Search

1. Copy website’s domain URL. Type “site:<website domain URL><space><keyword search>” in your Chrome address box.

2. Google will show search result that is related to your keyword search within the website you specified.

3. To find a file within a website, type “site:<website URL><space><file extension name><space><keyword search>

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