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Puffin: Fastest Mobile Browser in iPhone and Android

One of the fastest mobile browser available is Puffin Browser. You can download it from Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store. It’s pretty fast because Puffin shifts all the intensive work from the mobile device to the (many) cloud servers. Puffin is free for 14 days for Android users, while its free for iPhone users.

Take caution in using Puffin, especially if you will exposed personal important information like in online banking websites, because keep in mind that Puffin is still a third-party program. Watch video below to demonstrate the difference in using Chrome and Puffin in an iPhone.



Steps to Use Puffin

1. Download Puffin Browser either on your iPhone or Android mobile phone.

2. Open Puffin, then go to any safe website. You can see that the loading time is very fast.

3. For iPhone users, you need to optimize your browsing experience by going to Settings, then select “User Agent“.

4. Make sure that there is a check mark in iPhone.



8 April 2013:  Puffin is fast for browser internet on mobile, but when typing in search area, the screen response is very slow.

20 Aprial 2013: Puffin free version is only free use for the first 14 days.


Download Link

Download Puffin Browser [via puffinbrowser.com]

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