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CCleaner Tutorial: How to Disable Windows Startup Programs

startup programs

This CCleaner tutorial will show you how to disable startup programs. Startup programs are programs that automatically start up by themselves. Good examples of startup programs are antivirus and firewalls, programs that need to protect our computers right from the moment we turn it on. Take note, we will just disable, not remove those programs.

There are several tools that you can use. We already feature how to disable startup programs in Windows using MSConfig, so this time, we will use CCleaner. Before we begin to our CCleaner tutorial, let me have an introduction about CCleaner first. CCleaner is a free utility software program that can run in Windows and Mac. From the name itself, CCleaner (or Crap Cleaner), it cleans or disable unwanted crap like temporary or unwanted files from other applications that we use in our computer. These temporary or unwanted files slows down the processing time of our computer. So we have to clean our computer system regularly to maintain our computer’s health in good condition!



Steps to Disable Windows Startup Programs

1. Open CCleaner.

2. In the side menu, click “Tools”.

ccleaner menu

3. Select “Startup”. It will display all the startup programs in your computer. You can identify which programs are enable and which are not.

startup programs

4. To disable a program, you can select which program to disable. If you are not sure you want to disable a program, just ask yourself “Is this program important during startup?”. If the answer is yes, do not click the check. If no, select the checkbox to make it disable. For our example, we will consider iTunesHelper as a noncritical program during startup so we will just select it.

not important startup prgram

5. Click “Disable”. Or you can just double click the program to disable or enable a program automatically. You can notice the program became gray or lighter in color, it only confirms that the program is already disable.

ccleaner tutorial: disabled startup program



Check out CCleaner new feature called Find Finder!




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