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I only use GMail for emails and not for chatting so I decided to remove GMail chat box on the left side. It gives me more space to view my Inbox, other folders and other labels. You can re-enable the chat anytime in case you want to utilize this feature again.



Steps to Remove GMail Chat Box

1. Sign in to your GMail account.

2. Click the settings icon. [continue reading…]


There are a lot movies out there that have good advertising but very poor content. Or some even have an all-star cast but the story is just plain bland. We watch movies and willing to spend our resources because we want to be entertained. We don’t want to find ourselves after the 1.5-hour or 2-hour movie not very satisfied and our money was just put to waste because the movie was not worth it. With the help of reading IMDb movie reviews we can now spare ourselves from watching bad movies that is not worth our time and money.

IMDb or Internet Movie Database is one of the most popular movie review online destination. It has a wide array of information about films, television programs, and video games. From actors to directors to production staff. I find the most useful feature of IMDb are the movie ratings and user reviews. IMDb is also available on Apple & Android, so you can utilize the app anywhere.



Steps to Use IMDb Movie Review

1. Go to IMDb.com.

2. Type the movie title you want to search, and as you type it will show you a list of result that matches your keywords. Click the movie. [continue reading…]


Sometimes we forgot to send birthday wishes to our Facebook friends. Thankfully, there is a mobile app to remind us without logging in to Facebook website. It is called EasilyDo.

EasilyDo is a smart assistant application allows you to link your email and social media account, and one of it’s feature is to send birthday greetings or wishes on Facebook. And it is just not the normal “Happy Birthday!” greeting, because you can personalize your wishes so it will not look like a robot-automatic greeting. You can even set the date and time when can EasilyDo send your birthday greeting so it will look like you have just send it on the person’s actual birth date.

Video shown below shows how to send birthday greetings in iPhone, but you can also use EasilyDo in your Android devices. Unfortunately we tried to download it in Samsung Galaxy S2 but it is not compatible and cannot download it. Hopefully, EasilyDo can make it available to all versions of Android devices.



Steps to Send Facebook Birthday Wishes

1. Download and Install Easily Do iPhone app.

2. Open Easily Do and click the user icon in the upper leftmost area in your EasilyDo home page. [continue reading…]

google site search

Did you know that you can search easily anything in a website without using the website’s built in search feature? What we do normally if we want to find something in a particular website, we just type in the keyword in the website’s search box or just go to google.com then search away. Video below will show you a simple trick how you can quickly search a blog topic or even a file within a website using Google’s site search. You can also  use this trick if the website has no search feature (like vHow).

By the way, in the video I used Chrome as my internet browser but you can do site search to any browser.



Steps to Use Google Site Search

1. Copy website’s domain URL. Type “site:<website domain URL><space><keyword search>” in your Chrome address box.

2. Google will show search result that is related to your keyword search within the website you specified. [continue reading…]


How to Turn On YouTube Safety Mode for Kids

turn on youtube safety mode

During YouTube search you may notice that there are irrelevant videos listed on the search result. Some are violent and obscene videos that is not suitable for very young children.

So to make parents or guardians like me feel safe to let their kids watch and use YouTube, we must turn on YouTube safety mode. This will help us to make sure all the inappropriate videos or words are filtered out.



Steps to Turn On YouTube Safety Mode

1. Go to YouTube.com and search for any videos you like.

2. Search result will show you a lot of videos that is really not related to your search. [continue reading…]