How to Use Free Spell Checker in Skype and in Any Windows Program

Have you ever experienced embarrassing spelling mistakes? Or the person on the other end while chatting in Skype keep asking you “What do you mean?”, “What did you say?”, or “Huh?” over and over again? This video tutorial will show you how to use TinySpell as your Skype spell checker.

TinySpell is a software tool that can be used in various applications like Microsoft Word, and other programs. For our case, we will apply it in Skype. However, before trying the steps below, make sure you’ve installed TinySpell free version first. Hope this tutorial will gain your confidence in communicating via Skype.



Steps to Use Spell Checker for Skype

1. In your Skype message box, type the example phrase below. You can notice that I consciously made the word “demo” into “demmo”.

test wrong spelling word in skype

2. Click the misspelled word in red font, for our example, “demmo”. The red font alerts that you have an incorrect word and that you have to check your spelling.

enabled spell checker for skype

3. Choose the appropriate word or the word you intend to appear.

correct word option

4. For our example, the correct word should be “demo”, so just clicked “demo”. Now the phrase has no typographical error! You do not have to worry anymore for you already have a spell checker for Skype.

corrected word



Best Spell Checker for Skype (or any windows application)–Tiny Spell [via]

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TinySpell [via]

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Written by Kai Yan

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