Google Chrome: Sync Everything in Seconds!

This tutorial will show how to use Google Chrome sync by signing in to your own Google account. Why is it necessary to know how to use Google Chrome sync? If you have multiple computers that you use and you have an important bookmarks or passwords that you want to access, you just have to logged in to your Google account in your Google Chrome internet browser.

Please note that you must have a Google Account for you to do this tutorial steps. If you don’t have one yet, kindly create an account first before proceeding.



Steps to Sync Your Google Chrome

1. Open your Google Chrome browser.

2. Click on your Chrome settings icon that looks like this

google chrome settings icon

3. Click “Settings”, then select ”sign in to Chrome”.

google chrome settings sign in

4. Enter your Email & Password, then click “Sign In” or just press Enter on your keyboard.

google chrome settings sign in

5. Click “Advanced”.

google chrome sync confirmation

6. As you can see, you can select what items you can sync, like bookmarks, themes, and extensions. For our example, we want to sync everything, by default, all items are checked so we will leave it as it is. Click OK.

google chrome sync advanced options

7. Now you know how to use Google Chrome Sync! You can also choose to disconnect your account if you are done, so that when other people use that computer they will not see your bookmarks, and other items that you just sync.

google account



Sign in to Chrome [via]

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Written by Kai Yan

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