How to Use Google Chrome Extension “Close All Tabs”

Google Chrome is one of the leading browsers today because it is faster than other browsers, and has features that improves your browsing experience. These features are also known as extensions or plugins. You may purchase or download these for free. You can use these extensions to modify your browsing experience as you see fit.

There are many issues with browsers, like speed, safety and privacy. Some people prefer to keep their browsing history private and some want to keep their tabs out of sight. “Close All Tabs” is a Google Chrome extension that closes all existing tabs while opening a new tab. This way, you can continue browsing undisturbed, and your previous tabs are closed from view.



Steps to Close All Tabs in Google Chrome

1. Go to Chrome Web Store, or click this link. Type “Close All Tabs” in the search box, then press Enter.

2. Choose the extension from the Google Chrome Store

Access the Google Chrome store by clicking on the icon at the upper right hand corner. When the options emerge, choose “Close all Tabs” by Phillip Reitberger. Confirm your choice by clicking “Add to Chrome.”

Upon clicking, it will respond with the indication, “Checking.”

close all tabs extension

3. Google Chrome will confirm your action. It shows the extension name and a short description of what the extension does so you will have a clear and informed decision. Click “Add”.

add "close all tabs" extension

4. A box will appear on the upper left hand corner of your screen. It points to the new icon of the new extension, located on the toolbar, next to the Google Chrome icon. It informs you that the new extension is ready to use.

5. At this point, you can now close your Google Chrome Store tab and continue with your browsing activities. You can see what Close All Tabs can do when you click it..

On this screen, 5 tabs are open. One click on Close All Tabs..

close all tabs icon

6. All tabs are closed, and a new window appears, with just one click!

Close All Tabs can protect your privacy by keeping your tabs quickly, and opening a new window, to keep from showing an idle screen. Whether we admit it or not, we have been in similar situations, and such an extension would be a lifesaver!



Easily Close All Tabs in Google Chrome  [via]

Download Link

Chrome Extension: Close All Tabs [via chrome webstore]

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Written by Kai Yan

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