How to Use Google Chrome Plugins to Split Screen Into Two Windows

This tutorial will help you how to split screen into two using Google Chrome Plugin called Frame Two Pages. Frame Two Pages is one of the most useful Chrome extensions because it can save you a lot of time changing from tab to tab, like if you’re editing/writing/blogging and you want to see other site for reference, you don’t have to interchange between two windows anymore.

Before proceeding to steps below, make sure that you already have installed Frame Two Pages. And most importantly, this can only work in Google Chrome. Check at the end of this post for the downloadable links.


Steps to Split Screen Using Frame Two Pages 

1. Check if Frame Two Pages is enabled to your Chrome extensions or plugins. You may directly type in your browser address bar “chrome://chrome/extensions”.

google chrome extensions

frame two pages extension

2. For our example, we want to split our screen into two different column sites so we can compare two driving websites, one is and the other is In the tab, click on the Frame two pages icon frame two pages icon in your browser toolbar.

frame two pages icon location

3. A pop-up window will open, asking you if you want to split it in as a column (vertically) or as a row (horizontally). For example, we want to split screen into two different columns we will type “1″. But if you want to split it horizontally, just type “2″. Click OK.

split screen orientation

4. If you click Cancel, it will still proceed splitting the windows. 5. As you can see, it automatically made the left side This is because whatever site is in the left side of the tab where in you clicked the Frame Two Page plugin icon, this will be the default site for the left portion of the newly created tab. Right side of the new tab will also be automatically the page where you clicked the icon, in this example

split screen into two columns

6. Now you have successfully split screen into two different sites. Go on and try exploring each site!



Know more about Frame Two Pages [via]

Download Link

Download Google Chrome [via] Install Frame Two Pages [via]

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Written by Kai Yan

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